Omega, Lda. was founded in 1986, having its present premises in a building located in Foz do Douro, Porto.
The team has had a stabilised size of around 25 permanent employees, specialising in Civil Engineering.

More than 30 years of experience in the practice of Engineering Design, Supervision and Management of Projects.

We provide engineering services, seeking to exceed our clients' expectations and valuing the final result of the same, through the quality of the processes and procedures used. We are a company recognized in the market for our efficiency, commitment to quality, safety and the environment, as well as for building lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers.

The Three Pillars of Omega

Elaboration of Civil Engineering Projects: Residential, Corporate, Hotel, School, Industrial Buildings  Stability and Structures, Gas Networks, Thermal Behaviour, Acoustic Behaviour.

Technical project coordination

Routes of communication

Urban Hydraulic

Quality control

Cost control

Time management

Health and Safety Coordination

After-sales assistance

Contract management - information management, client management, supplier management, licensing management and quality management.

Technical project coordination

Technical and economic consulting

Supplier Procurement

Coordination and management of the work

After-sales assistance

José Carvalho
José CarvalhoPartner Manager
MSc, Phd in Civil Engineering
Managing Director Omega Group